Fairy Portrait Studios

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Steve Kleiman, of Fairy Portrait Studios contacted us to build and design a new one-page mini-site. The page was designed to be a long-form lead capture page with a time-sensitive call to action. The page features sample portraits and a unique portrait offer.

By adding a countdown timer users were encouraged to act quickly and leads generated were increased


Get users to interact with the form quickly. Generate leads through a sense of urgency.


Akilez Web Solutions provided Fairy Portrait Studios a long form lead generation page. The page featured a countdown timer controlled by cookies on the user's computer. Each user was given their own 24-hour time limit to respond.


This take-away strategy encouraged users to act quickly to fill out the form before missing the opportunity. The result was a marked increase in interest in the offer generating tons of leads for our client.

From the client

Michael's web design services are the best thing since sliced bread. I truly recommend working with him!

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